Happy New Year!

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Hello to all after many months full with sheer mothering. My fourth child and third son was born just before Chirstmas last year and since then its been full full full with welcoming my newborn and managing with family life.  In facing the sheer physicality, lack of sleep, and mental and emotional work…  of having four wonderous beings under my care, it has been many weeks on just surrendering, a bit of survival mode, as I have plunged into the labour of my vocation as a mother. Most of all it has been the accounts and sharings with other mothers and relating to their joys and agonies which have nourished and sustained me, pushing me forward when forward didn’t seem possible. What a wonder to see  how many mothers across the world have begun the study of creating harmony in the home, who say no to nonsense, who blog their work and gently point the way.

My kids have been my centre for me in these months; its been a time of letting go of what I thought should happen, all fettishes of what I should be doing, and just being there for them.  The opportunity is there to try to love in ways that we are creating in the moment, to not make old mistakes and to offer love which we may never have had a precendent for. I have been in the discovery of how much value lies with the mother to raise children in the world of light, while still in the study of  balance with our darker tendencies, and those of the world around us.

It has been giving me much material to write about, and though many of my days have been dedicated to tasking…dishes, laundry, diapers, cooking, baking and cleaning…and let’s not forget napping! … I am inevitably singing at the sink and creating in the quiet moments. I am still writing and the music will arrive in its time. I will leave up this link for viewing though for now, there are new small projects on the horizon.

Thanks to all and Happy New Year!

A Woman Nowadays – video

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Here is a visual account of what mostly crossed my mind in writing the song A Woman Nowadays. It is enjoyable to keep working as the autumn winds are getting colder and November quiet is in full bloom. I am with a busy load these months of mothering three and growing bigger with a fourth. Mothering is an incredible piece of work… in always keeping my eyes open for the messages I transmit as a woman and mother, while the little ones are always knowing how and where to find the witches of the cave! Wishing all women and mothers continued inspiration of their best selves, so that in our daily work we can share our inner song.

Voici un compte rendu visuel de ce qui a traversé mon esprit en écrivant la chanson A Woman Nowadays. Il est agréable de continuer à travailler pendant que les vents d’automne se refroidissent et que le calme du mois de novembre est en pleine “floraison”. Je suis occupée ces mois-ci avec le maternage de mes trois petits ainsi de prendre beaucoup d’expansion pour la prochaine venue du quatrième. Être une maman est vraiment un travail incroyable …en gardant toujours les yeux ouverts pour les messages que je transmets en tant que femme et mère, tandis que les petits savent toujours comment trouver les sorcières de ma grotte (je fais référence à une ligne en anglais de cette chanson, “witches in my cave”) ! Je souhaite à toutes les femmes et les mères une inspiration continue de leurs meilleurs, de sorte que dans notre travail quotidien, nous pouvons chacune partager notre chant intérieur.

Summer developments, 2011

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Thank you all for the kind appreciation of the songs and particularly for A Woman Nowadays. Shortly after I posted the song,  I learned that I was pregnant again with a fourth blessing from the heavens. So things have unravelled on this journey, continuing on the balancing act as I go deeper into the study of a woman nowadays. Thank you universe for the strength and joy in welcoming a new life!  For now, the writing continues, I am strumming on the guitar and I am thinking about your suggestions to do a youtube version of this song.

I have been developing too on the community front singing with my four- year old daughter at the local Maison Emmanuel, a local community centre for adolescents and adults in need of special care. It has been a treat for both of us to sing our hearts desire and be received by this special group; the monthly shows start back up in the fall. http://www.maisonemmanuel.org

Good end of summer to all on your journeys of inspiration!

Merci à tous pour l’appréciation que vous m’avez exprimé, plus particulièrement pour “A Woman Nowadays”. Peu de temps après avoir publié la chanson, j’ai apprise que j’étais enceinte une fois de plus avec un quatrième cadeau du ciel. Alors la vie se déroule comme ça, en continuant de maintenir un certain équilibre alors que j’étudie en profondeur de ce que c’est d’être “une femme de nos jours”. Merci à l’univers pour me transmettre la force et la joie pour pouvoir accueillir une nouvelle vie! Pour l’instant, la composition continue, je gratte la guitare de temps à autre et je songe à l’idée de créer une version youtube pour cette chanson.

Côté communauté, j’ai continué à chanter à la Maison Emmanuel avec ma fillette de quatre ans. Ce centre est une communauté qui offre un environnement thérapeutique à des adolescents et des adultes ayant besoin de soins spéciaux. C’était vraiment spécial pour nous deux de pouvoir chanter et d’être reçu par ce groupe plein d’affection. Les spectacles mensuels recommancerons à l’automne. http://www.maisonemmanuel.org

Bon fin d’été à tous sur vos chemins d’inspirations!

A Woman Nowadays

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En l’honneur de la Journée internationale de la femme, j’ai le plaisir de mettre en ligne quelques exemples de mon récent travail. Il y a tellement de femmes dans le monde qui sont en mesure de se sentir en paix et d’être simplement soi-même. Avec une profonde appréciation de tous les échanges avec ces femmes spéciales à travers ma carrière musicale, je désire partager quelques enregistrements et photos de mon dernier spectacle au Théâtre du Marais et également une nouvelle composition, “A Woman Nowadays” (une femme de nos jours).

Achinoam Nini est une chanteuse à travers qui je me suis inspirée dans mon cheminement, réelement un femme pour ce monde. Pour ses chansons, ses mots, sa simplicité et son amour pour la vie. Merci Soeur de la Paix. http://www.noasmusic.com/


In honour of International Women’s Day I am happy to post some of my recent work. There are so many inspiring women out there who are able to achieve their peace and be who they are. With appreciation for the exchanges with special women that my music career has brought into my life, I share a couple of recordings and pictures from my last show at “Theatre du Marais” and one of my new compositions,  A Woman Nowadays.

One singer who has inspired my path is Achinoam Nini who is truly a woman for the world. For her songs, her words, simplicity and love of life. Thank you Sister of Peace. http://www.noasmusic.com/

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Mae Criadora – ©Lauren Posner, live Théâtre du Marais

Les deux guitares – (©C. Aznavour) Lauren Posner, live Théâtre du Marais

A Woman Nowadays – ©Lauren Posner

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Beginning 2011

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Hello, I am happy to be writing again – I have been so busy ushering in the new year. Mostly growing more into the needs of my wonderful children who teach me every day how to be a mother. It is always one thing after another and yet all the while I am able to work on my writing and put all this reflection and experience into the music. Before performing again, it is a period of writing for me and with a lot of inner reflection in this quiet winter, even when its quite freezing! I have been reflecting on themes of self love and forgiveness, which is a slow and gentle journey, at the same time as I am working on being more giving. It is nice to be moving forward in  a rhythm. Thank you for continued words of support. I am wishing everyone a wonderful new year and the fulfillment of their deep aspirations!

Bonjour et bonne année — je suis contente de pouvoir écrire encore ici — j’étais tellement occupé ces temps-ci, surtout avec les besoins de mes enfants, des êtres spéciaux qui m’apprennent tous les jours à être une mère. Nous avons notre routine avec des journées bien remplies mais je trouve toujours le temps de travailler sur mes compositions et de rajouter mes réflexions dans ma musique. Avant de revenir sur la scène encore fois, je prends le temps de composer , d’écrire et de réfléchir à travers notre hiver tranquille, même quand il fait trop froid et que je n’ai plus de sensations dans mes orteils! J’apporte mes pensées surtout sur les thèmes de l’amour de soi et du pardon, où les deux font partie d’un cheminement de vie qui prend du temps et beaucoup de soin. Ça fait du bien de continuer tout ça à travers un certain rythme. Merci à tous pour vos mots de soutien; je vous souhaite une excellente année et que vous exaucez vos aspirations les plus profondes.

Remerciement et reflections

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Just taking another moment to thank everyone who supported me from a distance or in person at my retour du scene at Theatre du Marais. I felt so wonderfully received and encouraged to continue singing from my soul — it is the audience which has guided me to share my truths and is so sure of what I am offering. What a blessing and grace! I have one picture to post for now — I had hoped to have received more, but I do not have them yet.  Until then, I will continue my motto of patience and gratitude. It is busy now with holiday preparations. Cleaning, baking and the gift of giving. Happy holidays to all! And more to follow!!


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Thank you to everyone who was present at Theatre du Marais on the evening of November 20th. The moon was shining and wishing us well. Thank you to all those who received the music and took it in. I will post the pictures soon! Happy holidays and joyeuses fêtes!