Happy New Year!

Hello to all after many months full with sheer mothering. My fourth child and third son was born just before Chirstmas last year and since then its been full full full with welcoming my newborn and managing with family life.  In facing the sheer physicality, lack of sleep, and mental and emotional work…  of having four wonderous beings under my care, it has been many weeks on just surrendering, a bit of survival mode, as I have plunged into the labour of my vocation as a mother. Most of all it has been the accounts and sharings with other mothers and relating to their joys and agonies which have nourished and sustained me, pushing me forward when forward didn’t seem possible. What a wonder to see  how many mothers across the world have begun the study of creating harmony in the home, who say no to nonsense, who blog their work and gently point the way.

My kids have been my centre for me in these months; its been a time of letting go of what I thought should happen, all fettishes of what I should be doing, and just being there for them.  The opportunity is there to try to love in ways that we are creating in the moment, to not make old mistakes and to offer love which we may never have had a precendent for. I have been in the discovery of how much value lies with the mother to raise children in the world of light, while still in the study of  balance with our darker tendencies, and those of the world around us.

It has been giving me much material to write about, and though many of my days have been dedicated to tasking…dishes, laundry, diapers, cooking, baking and cleaning…and let’s not forget napping! … I am inevitably singing at the sink and creating in the quiet moments. I am still writing and the music will arrive in its time. I will leave up this link for viewing though for now, there are new small projects on the horizon.

Thanks to all and Happy New Year!


~ by Lauren Posner on January 2, 2013.

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