Welcome – Bienvenue

Welcome to my blog!  So, I am starting to sing again after taking a break for a few years, as I have been blessed with three beautiful children and growing into motherhood. Now, I am writing music again — most often while at the kitchen sink, rocking the baby to sleep or giving a bath, but the channels are opening. I am beginning to do shows again with a mix of old and new material, and am working on a second album. What is it? Its folk, its world, its prayer, its soul, its everything I have lived in the last few years. You may click on “upcoming shows” for more details. Thank you for your interest, I appreciate your comments! Have a beautiful day!

Bonjour et bienvenue!  Je vais essayer parfois d’écrire en français. Ça fait plus que dix ans maitenant que j’habite le Québec, mais s’il vous plait, ayez patience avec mes entrées en français!  Vous pouvez cliquer sur « Prochains spectacles » pour plus de détails sur mes prestations à venir. Vos commentaires sont les bienvenues…Passez une magnifique journée!



One Response to “Welcome – Bienvenue”

  1. This is so exciting! Good for you! sending you lots of love! Amira xoxo

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